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We've just celebrated our second anniversary! Lux Falls is a modern fantasy site that takes place in the small town of Lux Falls, Vermont where the Irish Mob rules. After a recent attack that blew up all the Mob strongholds in town, the Mafia has put down roots. Their presence can no longer be ignored as they have taken over Reidmere Manor and with it the heart of Lux Falls. With them, the Chosen Few, a rival motorcycle gang of the Sons of Silence, is moving into town making their allegiance known. The sentient city, once so willing to help, is now under the mafia's control. The rest of Lux Falls is scrambling to put things back together, gain back the trust of the townspeople, and most importantly, exact their revenge.

Which side will you fall on?

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
A. Laurence Holliston * Inactive 1-October 17 1
Addison Steele * NPCs 25-February 17 8
Adelina Kade Meta Humans 31-August 16 88
AILEEN O'MARA * Inactive 6-December 17 1
Aislin Coombs * Inactive 30-April 18 3
Aker Rossen Meta Humans 28-July 18 3
Alejandra De Santiago Ghosts 13-January 18 13
Alessandra Valentine * Lamia 13-August 18 1
Amelia Lonergan Shifter 26-June 16 249
Anorah Severson Shifter 16-April 18 7
Ariel Boyden * Members 14-August 18 1
Aries Sterre * Inactive 6-July 16 2
Ash * OOC 6-September 17 2
Asher Wayland *** Fairy 20-November 16 72
Aster Snow Shifter 26-June 16 135
Audra Noelle LeMaster * Fairy 5-August 17 8
Avraham Hirschfeld *** Inactive 26-February 17 34
Bella Winters ** Inactive 26-March 17 12
Brandon Eastin Humans 4-January 17 128
Brimlei Matalin Humans 27-March 17 47
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